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Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland
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Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland
Currently homecoming, activities centered at the train station, terminals, airports, shopping centers and other community centers. In such places a paradise for pickpockets to perform an action. For those of you who use the train going home, the following tips to avoid kecopetan or loss of goods due to a pickpocket on the train: online Cipto hamil 1. The first and most important is keep your valuables in the safest place you think. Could be in the bag or on the part of the jacket. But it is recommended for the money to be deposited in the bag. Because the money is still the target of pickpockets. When placed in the bag, put in place or at least in the most hidden places .. If there is a book, preferably sandwiched between the books. And do not forget the bag to be closed properly .. Game online Download game Cipto junaedy Cara cepat hamil Puisi cinta Cipto junaedy Harga Blackberry Permainan memasak 2. If you carry a bag (either a backpack or slempang), put the bag on the front of your body. And make sure you can keep an eye on your bag. Never in the back of the body. Based on several occasions, even though the bag is locked and bolted, actors tear bag with a razor blade. 3. Take a standing position on the inside of the train. Pickpockets usually operates at the door of the train. 4. Standing near the mothers usually will reduce the risk of loss. Because mothers are usually more reactive than men. 5. Increase vigilance on the way up and down. Pickpocket very well take advantage of chaos when passengers up and down. 6. Senantiasan vigilant and careful. Do not jump to the conclusion that you were in a safe position. Because pickpocket always have a lot of sense. Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland

Posted : 2013-05-05 01:06:43
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